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Rose Colors and Metals Guide

Choose from over 50 styles in a variety of metals and colors.

Our gold rose collection includes gold dipped roses, silver dipped roses, platinum dipped roses, metal trimmed roses, and lacquer color roses. We have created this handy guide at the bottom of the page to help you choose from all of these available options. Visit our entire Gold Rose collection to select different categories from which to shop.

Pink Lilac Lacquer and Gold Dipped Rose Pink Lilac Lacquer Gold Trimmed Rose
Reg Price   $89.95
Sale Price   $54.99

Silver Plated Rose - Open Bud | Silver Dipped Rose | Silver Roses | Anniversary Rose Silver Dipped Rose
Reg Price   $99.95
Sale Price   $64.95

Silver Trimmed Rose and Colors - Variety of Colors and Optional Personalization Silver Trimmed Rose and Colors
Reg Price   $89.95
Sale Price   $59.95

Dozen Gold Roses Dozen Gold Roses
Reg Price   $1,199.40
Sale Price   $654.99


The Original Gold Rose in a Variety of Precious Metals and Colors.

We offer a complete selection of Preserved Roses all referred to as Gold Roses to serve your gift giving needs. Our Gold Dipped Roses and Preserved Color Roses also make great gifts when you want to start a collection. Give a different rose for each occasion such as birthday, anniversary and Valentines' Day. Our Rose Color Chart features all of the rose options. For your convenience we have listed the gold rose and preserved rose styles we offer below.

The Process - Creating Gold Dipped Roses, Platinum Dipped Roses and Silver Dipped Roses

These real roses are chosen at the peak of their bloom which are covered in 24k gold through a unique electroplating process. This 40 step process preserves the natural beauty of the rose making while also making them hardy enough to last for a lifetime of enjoyment.

The Process - Creating a Color and Gold, Platinum or Silver Trimmed Rose

To preserve the color of the natural rose and to enhance the stunning beauty of the real rose beneath we now offer roses in a variety of colors with gold, platinum or silver trim. The rose flower bloom is dipped in lacquer to preserve the rose and the color. Then the leaves and stem are dipped in gold, platinum or silver precious metal. Finally the flower bloom is highlighted in gold, silver or platinum metal to give them a remarkably rich look. The process captures the dramatic color and beauty of the real rose beneath creating a timeless gift for you or someone special in your life.

Gold Roses, Platinum Roses, Silver Roses, Rose Jewelry and related Gold items

We offer a complete selection of Preserved Roses and other gold dipped products such as gold orchids and golf balls to serve your gift giving needs. these items are made using a similar process. Most recently we have perfected a method for adding personalization and birthstone gems to rose petals. Select the style or color that delivers the message your desire for an anniversary, a romantic occasion, a special birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day or for no reason at all.

Don't let the picture fool you, these gold roses are more stunning in real life than a picture can display. Each unique rose is transformed and handmade through a 40 step process. Select your 24 K gold dipped roses from a range of styles and colors. Regular roses fade in days. These 24kt gold dipped roses will last and be treasured forever. Since each rose is preserved under the metal you choose, it will last for years and is also made strong by the process so it is not too fragile to touch or hold. You can send one or a dozen.A ll rose gifts arrive packaged in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity and gift message.

The Original Gold Dipped Rose is available in gold and a variety of colors and other precious metals. Give the gift that lasts a lifetime. Choose between the original gold dipped rose, platinum rose, silver dipped rose or one of the incredible gold trimmed colored roses now available and give blooms day after day!
Gold Rose Color and Style Chart
Gold Roses. Gold Dipped Roses Platinum Dipped Roses Silver Dipped Roses Gold Trimmed Roses Two Tone Gold Trimmed Roses. Platinum Trimmed Roses. Two Tone Colored Roses with Platinum Trim