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Gold Dipped Roses for Mother's Day

Gold Trimmed Roses in a variety of Colors and Metal Styles Available

Mothers love our gold dipped and gold trimmed roses. Select from a variety of her favorite colors. Gold, Silver and Platinum precious metals trims or dips are available. Our 24k Gold-Dipped Roses are perfect for Mother's Day. Each rose starts with a real rose which is specially treated to last a lifetime.

And now you can personalize your rose just for Mom! Add mom's name or her children's. Birthstone gems available too.
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Mom and Mother Themed Roses

Find just the right Mother's Day gift in our Gold Rose Collection.Choose from roses dipped in gold, silver or platinum precoius metals. If your mom likes colors then consider our roses preserved with lacquer and trimmed in gold or other precious metals. This method allows the original color of the rose petal to remain visable. And you can add the term Mom or a child's name to a rose petal. You can also add birthstones to the petals. These Mom and Mother Roses are one of our most popular Mother's Day Gifts.

Mothers Day Gold Rose Collection

These real roses are chosen at the peak of their bloom and then covered in 24k gold to preserve the natural beauty that would normally fade within days. Each 24k gold rose is unique and created through a 40 step process which preserves the beauty of these 24k gold roses yet makes them strong enough to hold and last forever.

To preserve the color of the natural rose and to enhance the stunning beauty of the real rose beneath we now offer roses in a variety of colors with gold trim. The rose flower bloom is dipped in lacquer to preserve the rose and the color. Then the leaves and stem are dipped in gold. The flower bloom is highlighted in gold to give them a remarkably rich look. The process captures the dramatic color and beauty of the real rose beneath creating a timeless gift for you or someone special in your life. Give mom a rose gift for Mother's Day that will last forever.