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Sympathy Gift Ideas

Tastefully express your condolences with these compassionate sympathy gifts.

Show you care with a sympathy gift to acknowledge a loss. Arttowngifts.com has many thoughtful gifts appropriate for difficult occasions including gift baskets, flowers, crosses and more. Do you need a gift delivered today? Visit our Same Day Gifts section to see all of the gifts available for delivery today.
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Sympathy Gifts and Condolence Gifts

Send your condolences with tasteful and useful sympathy gifts.

Funeral Gifts

Show you care with a sympathy gift when times are trying. When a difficult time arrives in a friends, family members or colleagues life, you will find something thoughtful to send here. We have many gifts and sentiments appropriate for funerals, critical illness and other tragedies. Let them know that you are thinking of them when they suffer the loss of a loved one. We all want to console and comfort friends and associates when they suffer a loss. Providing solace to the bereaved will help allay some of the sorrow or grief. Sending a sympathy gift, condolence letter or sympathy note as an expression of sympathy to a person who has experienced pain, grief or a misfortune may be one of the most meaningful acts of kindness and compassion you can give to a grieving person. When you send sympathy gift, personal condolence letter or note it can be a great source of comfort and provide the gift of healing to the person who is grieving a loss.

How to express sympathy or concern when someone suffers a death or other tragedy.

  • Make contact and acknowledge the loss.
    Many people avoid contacting friends and associates and even family members when they suffer a death or other tragedy for fear that they might say or do something wrong. The first and most important thing to do is to acknowledge the event; otherwise they will conclude that you just didn't care enough to make the effort. Even worse they may think you are avoiding them because you blame them for some reason.

  • What can you do to help?
    Now that you have decided to contact your friend or loved one, what should you do? If you live close by offer to help in some way. If you can not be there consider a gift such as a sympathy gift basket instead of flowers. Condolence gift baskets are stocked with gourmet foods that will last long after the casserole dishes are gone. If you can not afford to send a funeral gift, send a hand written sympathy letter or letter expressing your concern for them. Take the time to give them a call once the visiting relatives and friends have returned to their homes. This contact will let them know that you care.

  • Send a gift or sympathy card even if its late and where to send it.
    Families tell us that they appreciate receiving sympathy gift baskets even a month after the funeral. Sometimes it is weeks after the funeral when they open the condolence basket gifts. The high quality methods in which the items are packaged allows condolence gift baskets to last for up to six months after they are sent so they come in handy during difficult times when the loss overcomes someone weeks after the death or loss. One customer explained that after the death of her father she bounced back, went back to work and thought she was really doing well. Then one weekend a television program reminded her of her dad. She became so distraught that she couldn't cook for her children. Instead they opened a sympathy gift basket they had set aside. It turned out that she and her children spent the evening sharing fond memories of their granddad while nibbling on crackers, deli meats and cheeses. They were laughing by the time they broke into the sweet treats.

  • Send the condolence gift where it will stand out and be appreciated the most.
    In most cases this is the home of the person with whom you are associated. Trying to time gift delivery during an out of town gathering for a family get together before a funeral is very difficult for the family members. First you have to get the address which in their haste maybe given to you without all of the pertinent details. Often the survivors are busy with the funeral and other arrangements and are not available for gift delivery. If they are expecting your gift, one of the family member has to stay behind to sign for gifts which may be inconvenient even though your gift was well meaning. Then if the family members are flying how do they bring the gift back with them? This period is also the same time that neighbors and church groups are delivering food to the family home so families usually have more than enough food for the immediate days around the funeral. Gifts sent to the funeral home are often over looked.

  • If you want your gift to stand out, send it to your friend or associate's home so that it arrives shortly after they arrive back home if they had to leave town for the funeral.
    Remember don't assume that the gifts can be left by the door. During warm weather, the gifts will melt. In some areas, delivery personnel will not leave gifts without a signature because of the high theft occurrence. Many gifts are returned unclaimed making everyone unhappy.

What to say during a telephone call, or write on a sympathy card?

  • Celebrate the deceased person's life.
  • Offer solace and comfort to the survivors and tell them that they are in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Speak memorably about the person who has passed such as, I loved their smile or mentioning the time you spent together is appreciated.
  • Avoid well meaning cliches such as They are in a better place, that God has better plans for them or Thank God you still have another person. While these comments have been popular stand bys, they can be very offensive to the person who has suffered a loss.
  • Always offer to help or be of assistance in some way.
Example of a Sympathy Business Card
    Dear Mr. Jones,
    It was with great shock and distress that I read of your (associate, partner,...)Thomas Brown's untimely death. His kindness and thoughtfulness in his dealings with others will make him stand out in my memory for a long time. If there is anything we can do for you or his other associates, please do not hesitate to call me.
    Sincerely, Bill Smith

Example of a Sympathy Personal Card
    Dear Jennifer,
    I was deeply saddened to hear the news about the sudden death of (your father, brother, husband,...) Mark. My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. We are all in a state of shock (if the death was unexpected). Mark was such a positive person to be around that I looked forward to seeing him at our weekly community meetings. I will miss his sense of humor. I remember when I was not feeling well and he sent me a gift and then took his time to mow my yard. We could always count on Mark to pitch in when we were behind. I know you will miss Mark greatly. During this difficult time, I hope you will draw upon your own strength and the strength of loved ones that hold you in their thoughts. You have my deepest sympathy. I would be honored to help with the Memorial Service or in any way that I can be of service to you and your family. Our group is filled with people who care about you and are thinking about you in this difficult time of sorrow.
    Sincerely, Janet Sparks

Sympathy Gift Tags Attached to Flowers or a Gift Basket
  • Keep it short. Many companies limit cards to 100 characters.
  • Mention the real name of the deceased in the message so that in the case of a funeral home delivery, the gift will be delivered to the appropriate family.
  • Avoid too many names in the signature. Use the name of a group such as, Staff of Name of Business or Department or The Last Name Family.

Examples of Sympathy Gift Messages:
  • We are grieving your loss as we celebrate Jon Doe's life.
  • You are in our prayers as you grieve the loss of your father., or mention their name
  • We will always remember the kindness of your father or mother or mention their name.
  • Our Prayers are with you.