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Our core values make Specialty Village an ideal place to shop, sell products and work.
Our goal is to replicate the pleasurable experiences associated with visiting charming towns and shopping in old-fashioned boutiques
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Arttowngifts.com History

Who are we?

Arttowngifts.com is the flagship site of a family of web sites that specialize in distinctive products currently available only in small tourist towns. The concept was conceived and created by Joseph Few and his mother, Thea Few.

Joseph spent his college years in two different small towns in Colorado where he loved the small town atmosphere. Soon after graduating from college he decided to pursue life in small town America no matter the sacrifice it took. After a few years of traveling and working, the lure of both a lake and ski mountain drew him to Sandpoint, Idaho. During a brief visit to the town, Joseph decided to make Sandpoint his home. It wasn't long after his move to Sandpoint that Joseph decided to launch Arttowngifts.com. His mother, a long time entrepreneur, agreed to serve as an adviser to help him get Arttowngifts.com, the company's flagship site off the ground.

After years of traveling through Colorado and other small resort towns and visiting local shops, galleries, and studios, the mother and son team realized that the markets embraced by artists, crafters, and others who create unique artworks and quality products in the smaller towns were restricted by geography and other limitations. While visitors adored the unique designs available in the towns, these fantastic and often one-of-a-kind and better-than-brand offerings could only be found on rare occasions during vacations or weekend shopping trips.

The Fews decided that there must be a better way to bring these coveted hand crafted works of art to the worldwide marketplace. Soon the idea of Arttowngifts.com was born. Once the new Arttowngifts.com web site opened, the work of talented, emerging artists from small art towns could be showcased through virtual galleries to an international audience. After the original idea was conceived, Joseph returned to the road asking questions and bugging artists, shoppers, and strangers alike for feedback to learn the best way to serve both artisans and shoppers. With the knowledge gained by visiting with artists and shoppers, he designed Arttowngifts to bring the two groups together and meet the needs of both.

Spacer We are a family of avid collectors and travelers who have spent years traveling the states stopping in art towns to enjoy the unique art and ambience. We live in Sandpoint, Idaho, a small art town in Northern Idaho that is nestled between the Schweitzer ski area and beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.
What do We do?
Arttowngifts.com provides an online gallery and marketplace for shoppers to find unique one of a kind artwork, gifts, decorative accents and much more. By providing artists, crafters, trades people and other artisans an opportunity to display and sell their works online, artists can spend their time creating instead of selling.
Our Mission
Arttowngifts.com and its parent company are dedicated to building a family of web sites using interrelated themes, products, and services to create a worldwide market for small art towns and rural economies. By using the latest web technology and innovative marketing solutions, Arttowngifts.com offers distinctive better-than-brand products and useful information to make shopping convenient and fun.
Our core values make Arttowngifts.com an ideal place to shop, sell products and work. The following list of our core values reflect the priorities of our organization by guiding our decision making:
  • Treat people as we would like to be treated with respect and dignity
  • Make it easy and pleasurable to shop with us
  • Empower our customers, artists and other participants by offering valuable products and services
  • Never abuse the privilege we have to serve you
  • Foster and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit throughout our organization
  • Build an understanding that profitability is essential to our future success
  • Contribute positively to our communities, the arts and our environment

Specialty Village, Inc.
Arttowngifts.com is owned and managed by Specialty Village, Inc. a Delaware corporation based in Sandpoint, Idaho. It is dedicated to building a family of websites using innovative marketing solutions to create a robust worldwide market for North American art Winning Circle - With our unique business model everyone who participates in Arttowngifts wins. Our artists win by reaching buyers and our customers win by finding that perfect gift or art piece. Arttowngifts sponsors win by reaching a pre-qualified target market, while Arttowngifts affiliates win by sending their customers to a place where they can find the things they want.towns, remote resort towns and rural economies. We promote resort town travel and also bring the products and services originating from the towns to customers worldwide while providing enhanced margins and a broader audience for our rural suppliers and tourist related businesses. Our family of content-rich websites specialize in distinctive products, services and information from these unique towns.
We welcome your comments and suggestions.
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