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Gold Dipped Golf Balls

Choose between gold dipped golf balls for display and gold toned golf balls for play.

Now you can select between two versions of gold golf balls and tees. For display purposes choose a Gold Dipped Golf Ball and Tee packaged in a black velvet gift bag. If you want to play with gold golf balls choose our Playable Gold Toned Golf Ball version with a gold Lame bag. Gold dipped golf balls and tees are created the same way as our roses through a tedious process of repeated dipping into melted gold. Order 1 or a dozen gold golf balls today.
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Playable Gold Golf Balls

If you want to play with gold golf balls choose our playable versions which are referred to as Gold Toned. Now you can play well and show off at the same time with the combination of these high distance gold toned golf balls. Our customers claim their golf game was never better than when they played with our gone toned playable gold balls.

Gold Plated Golf Balls

Every golfer would love to have a gold dipped golf ball on display in their office or in their man cave in support of their favorite sport. This display gift starts with a real golf ball that is dipped in 24k gold through a special electroplating process. These gold dipped golf balls are popular golf tournament gifts, Boss's Day Gifts and Father's Day Gifts.