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gold dipped roses
In addition to our traditional gold dipped rose variety, metal dipped roses are also available in platinum and silver. Gold dipped roses are created through a tedious process where a real rose is actually coated in the precious metal of your choice: Gold, Silver or Platinum. Your precious rose gift will arrive in a gift box with a certificate of authenticity explaining how the rose was made. Give gold dipped roses as an alternative to flowers for a Valentine's Day gift for your wife or girlfriend or as a lasting Mother's Day gift for mom.
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Gold Dipped Rose | Gold Roses | Gold Plated Roses Gold Dipped Rose
Reg Price   $99.95

Platinum Plated Rose | Platinum Dipped Roses | Platinum Roses Platinum Plated Rose
Reg Price   $99.95

Silver Plated Rose - Open Bud | Silver Dipped Rose | Silver Roses | Anniversary Rose Silver Dipped Rose
Reg Price   $99.95

Birthstone Roses - Choose Colors and Add Optional Personalization Birthstone Roses in All Trims
Reg Price   $89.95

High Detail Gold Dipped Rose 18 Inch Variety - Combine gold and roses for a perfect gift! High Detail 18 Inch Gold Rose
Reg Price   $124.99

Gold Dipped Long Stem 18 " Rose Long Stem Gold Dipped Rose
Our Price   $109.95

Dozen Gold Roses Dozen Gold Roses
Reg Price   $1,079.46

Half Dozen Gold Roses Half Dozen Gold Roses
Reg Price   $569.72
2 Gold Roses 2 Gold Roses
Reg Price   $199.90

Three Gold Rose Bouquet 3 Gold Roses
Reg Price   $299.85
2 Silver Roses 2 Silver Roses
Reg Price   $199.90

3 Silver Roses 3 Silver Roses
Reg Price   $299.85
Half Dozen Silver Roses Half Dozen Silver Roses
Reg Price   $608.70
Dozen Silver Roses Dozen Silver Roses
Reg Price   $1,079.46

6 High Detail Gold Dipped Roses 6 High Detail Gold Roses
Reg Price   $655.22
12 High Detail Gold Dipped Roses 12 High Detail Gold Roses
Reg Price   $1,241.46

Nothing says love better than a gold dipped rose that lasts forever!

Select your Gold Rose Gift from Our internationally famous 24K gold rose selection. Now you can send a gift that symbolizes your lasting love with a gold, silver or platinum dipped rose that will last a lifetime. The rose has long been a symbol of love and beauty. Now we meticulously combine gold and other precious metals to preserve a rose to create a gift that will become an heirloom gift representative of everlasting love. Love is a Rose!

Why give gold dipped rose gifts?

Flowers are women's favorite romantic gift and roses top their list! Wives and girlfriends say they prefer the gift of the rose above any other flower. Roses show you care and our real golden roses preserved for a lifetime tell them you care over and over again! Give the enduring gift of 24kt golden roses dipped in 24kt gold...the perfect combination of a romantic favorite gold rose that will last forever.

24kt gold dipped roses make perfect anniversary gifts. Send a silver rose as a 25th-anniversary gift or a platinum rose as a 50th-anniversary gift.