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Gold Roses

Give gold dipped roses that will last a lifetime.

Our real roses are dipped in 24k gold and available in a range of styles and colors. Choose from the original gold rose, platinum rose, silver rose, or one of the incredible natural colored roses with trims now available. And now we offer personalization on the flower petals. Preserve roses are perfect for anniversary gifts, Valentines Day and Mothers Day. Start a collection for your wife, mom or girlfriend today.

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About the Original 24K Gold Dipped Rose

We carry the original gold dipped roses, platinum dipped roses, and silver dipped roses. We also carry roses that are dipped in lacquer and then trimmed on the edge in gold, platinum, or silver so that the original stunning petal color is visible. All rose stems are coated in the precious metal of your choice. We refer to all our natural preserved roses as famous gold dipped roses, although they are also available in platinum, silver and a range of colors.

Yes, it's a real rose dipped in the precious metal of your choice, or lacquer if you want a colored rose. The rose is picked at its prime and then repeatedly dipped over several days to create a unique gift that will last a lifetime.

What Happens When You Combine Gold and Roses?

    What Does The Gift of Rose Symbolize?

    The rose is an eternal symbol of love. Roses have been associated with love since the Romans adopted the rose as a symbol of love, beauty, and secrecy. So love-struck young men, lovers, and husbands have turned to stunning roses for years to convey their messages of love. While roses endure as symbols of love and appreciation, they have also represented confidentiality. In Latin, the expression sub rosa (literally " under the rose") means something told in secret. Gold denotes wealth and prestige. It is associated with abundance and prosperity. Items made from gold are considered high-quality luxury items bringing prestige to the owners.

    What Does the Gift of A Rose and Gold Symbolize?

    When you combine the romance of a rose and the extravagance of gold the result is a gift of love, sophistication, and elegance. A Gold Dipped Rose offers a wonderful combination and gift solution that replaces fresh flowers.

Send her a rose that will never fade.