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Personalized Gold Roses

Personalize your gold rose to make a great gift even better!

Now you can add a name, date, short message or similar text to a rose petal on your gold dipped rose or gold trimmed enameled roses. Add a birthstone to a rose petal for even more pizazz! Choose from a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and accessories.

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Make Your Rose Personal - Personalize roses, vases and cases for a truly memorable gift.

On this special occasion, give her a personalized gift that will last forever. Add a name, message or date to a gold dipped preserved rose. Top it off with a birthstone on the petal of a birthstone colored preserved rose for their birthday. Make it personal, make it memorable. And make it last forever!

Ways to Use Personalize Roses

The ability to add text to rose petals provides wonderful opportunities to create gifts that are sure to make a lasting impression. Here are just a few ideas:
  • Anniversary Rose - Add text such as 5th anniversary to a petal.
  • New Baby Rose - For a girl select a pink rose, add the baby's name and birth date. For a boy, select a blue rose.
  • Will You Marry Me Rose? - Propose to your girlfriend with a "Will You Marry Me" Rose?
  • Birthday Rose - Select a rose color based on the birthday month, then add a birthstone gem, name and birth date to a rose petal.
  • Mom Rose - Select a birthstone rose for Mom's birthday, then add the names of each child to a rose petal. You can also do the same thing for grand children. Plus you can birthstone gems.
  • Graduation Rose - Add the graduates name and graduation date to a petal. You can also add the college to another petal.
  • Wedding Rose - Put the first name of the couple on a petal with the wedding date on another.
  • Valentines Day Rose - Add a phrase such as Happy Valentine's Day to a Rose.
  • I Love You Rose - Add "I Love You" to a Petal.