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Gold Trimmed Roses in Colors

Real Gold Trimmed Roses preserved in lacquer and trimmed in gold.
Available in Solid and Two-Toned Petal Colors

A rose flower bloom is dipped in lacquer to preserve the rose and the color. Then the leaves and stem are dipped in gold. Then the tips of the flower bloom is highlighted in gold.
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Gold Trimmed Roses

Why give gold rose gifts?

Flowers are women's favorite romantic gift and roses top their list! Wives and girlfriends say they prefer the gift of the rose above any other flower. Roses show you care and our real golden roses preserved for a lifetime tell them you care over and over again! Give the enduring gift of roses dipped in 24kt gold...The perfect combination of a romantic favorite gold rose that will last forever.

The only thing better than fresh red roses are red roses that last forever.

The beauty of these roses is preserved, making a timeless gift for your wife, girlfriend or fiance. Now you have solved the age-old question... "what can I buy mom for Mother's Day (birthday or Christmas)?" These are real roses, freshly cut before being preserved. The stems are dipped in gold, while the leaves and flower petals are trimmed with a highlight of 24k gold. Choose your gold roses from a variety of solid and two-tone colors.