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Bar Signs for the Pub, Tavern or Home Office Bar in a Variety of Styles

Personalized pub signs are ideal groomsmen gifts.

Unique personalized bar signs made in both wood and metal. Vintage pub and tavern signs make perfect gifts for holidays, groomsmen, or other occasions. Add a pub sign to your home bar or game room.
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Are Pub Signs Available in a Variety of Themes and Styles?

Yes, add a clever personalized sign to your home bar

Traditional Irish and British Style Pub and Tavern Signs are ideal for the home, office or mancave bar. They make great groomsmen gifts and father's day gifts. Choose from a wide selection of styles, colors, sizes, and themes. Our line of pub signs makes great additions to the home and office bar or the man cave! Stylize your man cave with a pub sign today! Have fun and remind friends and family that a drink is a perfect way to end their day. Your happy hour can start at home by ordering a personalized pub sign.

With our extensive collection of over 100 Pub Memorabilia Signs that feature a variety of themes and hobby designs in different sizes and colors, you are sure to find a design that matches your both your home and interests. These clever pub signs are fun accessories for your home bar, man cave, family room, restaurant, cafe or office. All of our tavern style signs offer the ability to add your name, places, dates and other free personalization.

What is the History of Pub and Tavern Signs?

Cagey signs have been on the walls of taverns for centuries as a way to tell passers-by what was being sold in the establishment. Much of the public was still illiterate during the late 1300s. So pictures and creative art were used to communicate messages on the pub signs. So sign designers used imaginative illustrations, wood carvings, and original paintings on bar signs. Later on, as people were able to read, the name of the of the owner of the pub was often added to the signs to start the first attempt at branding. Many of these original designs are still in use today. New taverns still copy these design to attract customers to their bars. Over time this style has also become a popular accent in home bars.

Tavern Signs

Make your home bar look like a Tavern or Man Cave. Decorate with signs from our personalized sign bar collection. Here you will find signs featuring just about any theme or hobby you an imagine including billiards, darts, beer, cigars, wine, fishing, hunting, skiing and much more.

Custom Bar Signs! It is Easy to Create Your Own Pub Sign

Design your own sign to accent your home bar. Just visit our Create Your Own Sign section.

How Are Our Bar Signs Made?

Most of our bar signs are made by permanently printing full-color images on a pressed wood board and then they are coated with acrylic through a sublimation process. After undergoing all of the processes the signs will resist fading and scratching. You can also design your own painted wood bar sign. And we are also introducing some wrapped canvas prints in this collection. All of the pub designs make create additions to your walls.

Why Personalize Your Sign?

Now you can select signs for your home bar to represent your favorite hobby or interest. So if you are Irish, select an Irish themed sign or if you like to play pool, pick a billiards theme and so on. We offer bar signs featuring sports, rustic themes and much more. Then add your family name and other details to the sign to make a lasting keepsake for your home. Many of the bar signs are funny so you can have a laugh when you walk by or give visitors to your mancave an opportunity for a good chuckle. Personalization is free for this collection.

Make It Personal!

Bring a personal touch to any home by adding names, dates, events and locations to our pre-designed signs. Give your home bar, or kitchen a custom makeover with personalized signs made of wood, canvas and other mediums. Arttowngifts.com offers a variety of personalized pub signs, children signs and inspirational signs.

Create Your Own Personalized Signs from Scratch

Do you want to create your own design from start to finish? We are here to help. Our personalized signs come in several formats. For example design your own personalized custom wood sign. For a wedding gift create a custom family name sign with two text color layers.

Visit our Sign Shop to see our entire collection of signs.

Why Give Bar Signs to Groomsmen?

This collection features so many possibilities that it is a perfect gift idea for your groomsmen and wedding attendants. You can give each participant a different pub sign selected to represent their hobbies. This will tell them that you took the time to personalize a sign just for them. And your gift will make a great addition to their home.