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Initial Plaques and Monogram Signs

Fascinating designs and sophistication make our Initial and Monogram Signs perfect for any wall.

Our initial signs and monogram plaques include elegant floral monograms or family initials followed by family names, important dates, popular quotes, and sayings.
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How to Create Your Monogram for Wood Signs and Wrapped Canvases

There are many tutorials on how to create a monogram or initial signs. Before you get started first you need to make a decision on the style you desire. So you have decided to add your three character monogram to a wood or canvas sign. Now the question becomes in what order should I add my initials? There are two approaches and styles for you to consider while creating your sign:

    What is the Traditional Monogram Style?

    For the Traditional Monogram Style, the middle initial is normally larger than the other characters. Monograms used to be embroidered on a variety of items. Fancy script styles became the norm and is still the favored style for most traditional monograms. Some lettering is often stunning and old fashion while newer versions are chic. Once a text lettering style is selected, a couple will put their last name family initial in the middle with their first name initials at the beginning and the end of the monogram string. A single person or individual would put their family name initial in the middle with their first name initial at the beginning and their middle initial at the end. Here is the order for each option:

    1. For a couple: husband's first name initial, family name initial, wife's first name initial
    2. For an individual: first name initial, family name initial, middle name initial

    What is the Contemporary Monogram Style?

    For a contemporary monogram, all of the characters are the same size and are normally in the individual format. Lettering styles are often more collegiate or block in style.
    And in some cases, only two letters will be used to feature just the first and last name initials. Decorate your sign with your choice of monogram styles.

How to Create Initial Wood and Canvas Signs

Initial Signs feature giant letters with lots of flourishes. Often the initials are accompanied by popular sayings, last names or other text.