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Whispy Red Lips Gourd Art
Whispy Red Lips  by Jerry Maloy
Whispy Red Lips Gourd Art

Whispy Red Lips
Small green died gourd with whispy lips and African porcupine quills. She has a peacock feather head dress with chrome cones for her brown horsehair. She is adorned with chrome inlay and her lips are whispy red. Her natural color is accented in the triangles of her face. She is a leather backed signed original.
width:15" height:16" depth:7"
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Quick Facts: by Jerry Maloy
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  Jerry Maloy Elgourdo Designs   Gourd Art
  Embellished Gourds for your wall… each with unique character and personality. One of a kind signed gourd art with a Southwestern flare.   Gourd Artist Jerry Maloy
  Jerry Maloy, the artist behind the Elgourdo creations you see here, first became interested in Gourd Art at the Welburn Gourd Farm in Southern California. Jerry’s first attempt at gourd art resulted in a small duck. The next step in his training included creating gourd masks. While making masks, Jerry experimented with the different aspects of gourd art and learned that each gourd has an intrinsic beauty and energy. At the same time he began to look and listen to the gourd. By this time Jerry was hooked on a second career as a gourd artist.  
As you view Jerry’s art you will soon discover that each gourd he designs demonstrates its own true personality. Just as Tom Hank’s soccer ball named Wilson came to life in the movie, Castaway, Jerry’s gourd designs take on a unique character. Each creation is one of a kind. Just as every gourd is wonderfully different, so is Jerry’s final interpretation.   Gourd Artist,
Jerry Maloy
Jerry’s intricate detailing of many eye-catching embellishments includes feathers, pyography markings, bone teeth, stone inlays, horse hair braids, brass hair cones, porcupine quills, buttons, beads, wire spirals, hematite stones and beadwork, and ammonite fossils. A variety of feathers dominate Jerry’s gourd designs. They include peacock feathers, red tip pheasant feathers, orange and black rooster feathers and head dress, turkey feathers, parrot feathers, guinea feathers and McCaw feathers.
Jerry says, “It is amazing as an artist to watch my art unfold into a unique creation as I work to emphasize the gourd’s natural beauty and unique attributes.
  Jerry';s studio is located on the outskirts of Ione, Washington on the International Selkirk Loop. All of his works are signed originals.

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