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French term meaning: to spray. A process by which an image is rendered digitally by spraying a fine stream of ink onto archival art paper or canvas. A Giclee starts with an original painting that is scanned into a computer where it can be color corrected. After being stored digitally, the image is printed on a high-tech printer, which sprays dye-based inks on paper mounted on a spinning drum. Moses' Giclee prints have a projected lifetime of over 100 years under normal conditions out of direct sunlight.Giclee printing is a high quality standard for printing single or limited edition pieces on paper or canvas. The Giclee are printed with 100% natural dyes on a beautiful, pure white Faux Canvas Paper which dramatically reproduces the colors of the original art. Collectors appreciate the feel of the prints with their extremely high detail and brilliant color saturation. The word Giclee ( pronounced Zjee-Clay).


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