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Fine Art Print

Fine art printmaking is based on the concept of creating a master plate, known as the matrix. This is used to transfer the image onto paper. Nowadays printmaking is an art form that has many subdivisions, each of which is an art form in its own right: Etching, Lithography, Linocut, etc. The printmaking process is generally a complex one, using a variety of different techniques, and medium, depending on the type of print. The artist creates different surface textures, color effects and forms, just as in painting, producing a unique work of art, defined by the artist style and personality. Most times the process of transferring or printing the image can be repeated numerous times, creating editions of the same image. Sometimes each individual print is retouched or added to afterwards, making it unique or one-of-a-kind. Other techniques involve using the same matrix but different combinations of inks and colors, also creating unique works. Monoprints and Mezzotints are examples of such works.


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