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Same Day Delivery Tracking Details

If you have ordered from our Same Day Delivery Collection, these gifts are delivered by local drivers for which there are no traditional tracking numbers available. We will send you a delivery update email as soon as we have the information which is often very late in the evening of the delivery day or even the next day.

If there is a problem with your same day order we will contact you by email and in some cases phone. Please check your email and respond to our phone calls immediately because in the case of these orders time is often critical.

Same Day Delivery Tracking Designations:


Your gift is being delivered by a local delivery driver and not a major shipping company. Tracking numbers are not available. Please check the following designations for more information:


Your gift has been delivered to the recipient's address provided.

Out for Delivery

Your gift is on a delivery truck in route to be delivered. You will receive no additional contact unless we have a problem completing the delivery. We do not have contact with the driver. No changes can be made to your order.

Scheduled for Delivery

This designation is normally used for a future date and we are telling you that we have your gift scheduled for delivery on that date. Any change will result in additional charges. You will receive no additional communication unless there is an issue with the delivery.

Causes of Delays

Incorrect Address

It is usually something simple like an apartment number but it can cause a major delay. The worst possible error is a major zip code mistake because your gift is then in the wrong place totally and we have to start all over.

No One Is Home

We legally have to obtain a signature of an adult for a gift containing alcohol. We can not leave the gift on the doorstep or back porch. In the case of balloons, we can not leave them if there is wind or adverse weather conditions. In the case of fruit and chocolate, heat is a factor. We leave it up to the local drivers to reach the recipient and make arrangements for a convenient delivery time or even alternative delivery destination. Very rarely do we have a problem getting the delivery accomplished unless the recipient is simply out of town.

Alcohol is Not Available

In some cases, we can not legally make a delivery of alcohol at all due to local restrictions or licensing issues. If that is the case we call you to approve a substitution or a shipped gift. Please respond as quickly as you can to any calls or emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Will My Gift Arrive?

There are no timed deliveries. Deliveries to businesses are made by 5:00 pm, to schools by the last bell, and to residences, hotels and hospitals by 7:30 pm. Please do not call us before these times as we will not have any further information than is provided here. The best method of communication is by email.

Call the Driver

We have no direct contact with the delivery drivers. We communicate by wire and email.

The recipient did not thank me yet so my gift was not delivered.

If it is the day after your gift was to be delivered, please email us. We will contact the local delivery company to obtain a delivery confirmation for you. This will take some time for all of the parties to communicate so please be patient while awaiting our response. Our experience has been that 99.9% of the time that the gift was delivered as ordered.