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Custom Handcrafted Toy Boxes

Order A Wooden Toy Box or Toy Chest with Your Child's Name

Order a Personalized Toy Box for a new arrival in your family. Our custom wooden toy boxes feature laser engraving and are built for a lifetime. Our made to order toy boxes are the perfect place to store and organize toys, stuffed animals and games. The high quality heirloom styles designs will add essential organization to your child's bedroom or playroom. Our Toy Boxes are made to order in the USA and feature safety lid hinge supports, pinch free front panels and air holes. You can choose from a variety of wood stains and customization features for the name.

Toybox and Toychest Safety

Be sure your any toy box you purchase provides the proper safety features. At Arttowngifts.com we only sell handcrafted custom toy boxes that offer the highest level of safety protection for your children and family members. Here is what you must look for while shopping for your toy chest:
  • Lid Supports. These are the hinges that make certain that the chest lid stops and stays in the current position when they let it go. So the proper lid support and hinge mechanism is necessary to keep the chest lid open no matter what position the lid is in. Younger children and even adults will find that toy box lids can be heavy. It is not safe for a child holding the lid while looking through the chest for the desired toy with their other hand. If the lid is not properly supported the child could suffer a head injury or get trapped in the box.

  • Air Holes. Make sure that there are air holes in any chest you purchase to provide proper for ventilation not only for the contents but more importantly in case of a mishap. Look for handle holes on the side of the box of a gap between of the bottom of the lid and the top of the box. Where ever they are located they are a must just in case a game of hide of seek gets out of hand.

  • Finger Cutouts. The goal behind finger cutouts is to give your child a place to put their hands while looking through the toy box. These are provided in case another child or sibling shuts the lid. By resting their hand outside the lid closing area it will prevent smashed fingers.

  • Construction Materials. Wood is normally considered safer and a more durable product than plastic. Plus these days everyone is avoiding plastics because the can contain and expel harmful chemicals. Plus plastics also break down and become brittle over time which can cause cracks or breaks in the toy box which might hurt little fingers.

  • Rounded Lip Edges. Since a pointed edge can be dangerous in case of a fall, look for rounded edges