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Certificate of Authenticity

Many of our one of kind gifts come with information regarding how they are made.

One of the ways that we reassure our online shoppers of the quality and reliability of our artists and their works of art is by providing a Certificate of Authenticity with each item we sell. Example of a Certificate of Authenticity./ / /><br/ / />The Certificate of Authenticity certifies the validity of the following works of art: 		<ul>			<li>Originals</li>			<li>One of a Kind</li>			<li>Limited Editions</li>			<li>Signed & Numbered </li>		</ul>Items such as these are sold in with an Authenticity Statement or similar tag. In place of an Authenticity Statement, some lower priced items have explanatory tags that describe the work or explain what the artist was thinking or trying to communicate during the creation process.<br/ / /><br/ / />An Authenticity Statement or Descriptive Tag is an added benefit to any purchase. It labels the work as and implies significance.<ul>	<li>authorship </li>	<li>title </li>	<li>year of creation signature </li>	<li>number </li>	<li>other details </li></ul><h2>Product Detail Page includes Certificate of Authenticity specifics <a name= When a work includes a Certificate of Authenticity, the details will be featured on the Product Page for the specific artwork. This document certifies some or all of the following:

Who provides the document?

A Certificate of Authenticity originates from, and is signed by either of the following:
  • the artwork's authorship,
  • the title,
  • year of creation,
  • how created
  • dimensions,
  • total # created, printed or published in the series
  • # of this specific work
  • # of in series
  • publisher or others involved in its creation
  • the publisher of the art (in the case of limited editions),
  • a confirmed dealer or agent of the artist
  • acknowledged expert on the artist

Rarity- Does It Matter?

According to the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), rarity tends to enhance value. The rarity of a given work is determined by how many similar examples exist and how frequently such work become available for purchase. Look for details regarding Authenticity and other certifications on the Product Detail Page for each product.
Many of the works presented by Arttowngifts.com are "Originals, "One of a
Kind," "Limited Editions," "Signed and Numbered Series" and are
accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity or other attachment. The
Certificate of Authenticity certifies the Artwork's Authorship.
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