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Art Town Artists

Art town artists bring the love of visual and the performing arts to small towns across America. Art towns can be found all across America. These towns vary greatly in size, but all have something in common; love for and support of art in all of its forms. Local artists revolutionize the art scene in small towns across America by bringing new vitality and creativity. These artist studios and cottage industries breath life into the local economies.
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Siamese, by Scott Spencer Siamese Original Oil Painting
Reg Price   $999.99 Signed Original
White Dog, by Scott Spencer White Dog Oil Painting
Reg Price   $999.99 Signed Original
Wise One, by Scott Spencer Wise One Oil Painting
Reg Price   $1,049.99 Signed Original
Aardvark, by Scott Spencer Aardvark Oil Painting
Reg Price   $1,499.99 Signed Original
Wetlands, by Scott Spencer Wetlands Oil Painting
Reg Price   $999.99 Signed Original

Artists Are Attracted to Quaint Small Towns

The artists that bring their work to art towns have chosen to settle in communities rather than urban and metropolitan areas where selling art could be easier. The setting in which these artists have chosen to live and work defines them as a unique group. They want to get to know their neighbors and become involved in a community. Art town communities and economies have been transformed by artists and their creations, becoming something fresh and exciting and fueling a trend that has begun to sweep the nation. Many offer tours of the artists galleries in their towns and throughout the nearby countryside