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Jack Jack Loom Jade Crystal
Japanese Alloys Jatoba Wood Jig Saw
Jiggering Juxtaposition
Jack Jack Loom Jade Crystal
A metal tool used in the forming of glass.
A floor loom in which each shaft operates independently. The shafts rise when the treadles are depressed. Also called a rising-shed loom.
Term applied to trophy blanks and sculptural blanks made of regular plate glass, which has a green tint at the edge of the glass
Japanese Alloys Jatoba Wood Jig Saw
A general term for alloys widely used in Japan, such as shibuishi, kuromido and shakudo. These copper-based alloys are especially favored for their ability to take striking patina colors.
A reddish wood that is known for its extreme density. Native to Central and South America.
A narrow saw mounted vertically in a frame for cutting curves or other difficult lines.
Jiggering Juxtaposition
A method of creating pottery. A slab of soft clay is placed upon a revolving plaster mold of the object to be formed. The mold forms what will be the inside/top of the piece. As the wheel head turns, a metal template on a moving arm trims off the excess clay and forms the bottom of the piece. The pieces are then all finished by hand. Jiggering is also known as jollying.
The act of placing two or more things, colors or shapes next to each other, creating a sense of intensity, which can produce either harmonious or discordant effects.


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