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Gang Mold Gather Genre
Geodesic Geometric Shapes Gesso
Giclee Gilding Glassblowing
Glaze Glaze Fire Glory hole
Glue-resist Gold Gold-Filled
Gouache Gouache Paintings Grainy
Granulation Graphite Greenware
Grisaille Grog Ground
Grout Gum Gumoil
Gang Mold Gather Genre
One mold of many separate objects.
Molten glass collected from a glass furnace onto the end of a blowpipe or punty.
Art that depicts the casual moments of everyday life and its surroundings.
Geodesic Geometric Shapes Gesso
A geometric form basic to structures using short sections of lightweight material joined into interlocking polygons. Also a structural system developed by R. Buckminster Fuller to create domes using the above principle.
Shapes created by exact mathematical law.
A white ground material for preparing rigid supports for painting. made of a mixture of chalk, white pigment, and glue. Same name applied to acrylic bound chalk and pigment used on flexible supports as well as rigid.
Giclee Gilding Glassblowing
French term meaning: to spray. A process by which an image is rendered digitally by spraying a fine stream of ink onto archival art paper or canvas. A Gicleé starts with an original painting that is scanned into a computer where it can be color corrected. After being stored digitally, the image is printed on a high-tech printer, which sprays dye-based inks on paper mounted on a spinning drum. Mose's Gicleé prints have a projected lifetime of over 100 years under normal conditions out of direct sunlight.Gicleé printing is a high quality standard for printing single or limited edition pieces on paper or canvas. The Gicleé are printed with 100% natural dyes on a beautiful, pure white Faux Canvas Paper which dramatically reproduces the colors of the original art. Collectors appreciate the feel of the prints with their extremely high detail and brilliant color saturation. The word Gicleé ( pronounced Zjee-Clay).
A thin coat of gold or imitation gold applied mechanically or chemically to the surface of a painting, sculpture, or architectural decoration.
The process of gathering molten glass onto the end of a blowpipe and forming it into a variety of shapes by blowing air through the blowpipe and manipulating the glass as it is rotated.
Glaze Glaze Fire Glory hole
A very thin, transparent colored paint applied over a previously painted surface to alter the appearance and color of the surface. In ceramics, washes applied to the clay body which, when fired to temperature, vitrify to form a thin, usually colored, glass layer.
A cycle during which glaze materials are heated sufficiently to melt, forming a glassy surface coating when cooled.
A secondary glass furnace used to reheat and maintain a working temperature throughout the glass blowing and forming process.
Glue-resist Gold Gold-Filled
A decorative technique in which a removable glue is applied to the leather before it is dyed. The dye can not penetrate the glue-protected areas.
An element long treasured for its ability to shine, resist corrosion, and join. Pure gold is usually alloyed with other metals -- typically silver and copper -- to create tougher materials of similar characteristics.
A base metal covered with an outer layer of gold.
Gouache Gouache Paintings Grainy
Opaque watercolors used for illustrations.
Gouache colors are very much like acrylic, only not as bright. Gouache may require a better technique from an artist, since the covering of the colors is not perfect, yet some artists make use of the effect of darker colors showing through lighter ones.
The word grainy is usually used to describe photographs, or other images, in which areas of uniform tone on the image appear spotty or grainy. In photography this is usually due to the silver particles that make up the image clumping together.
Granulation Graphite Greenware
Tiny balls of metal, heat-fused to a metal surface without the use of solder.
Graphite replaced lead in the mid 1790s, when it was discovered by Nicolas Jaques Conté to produce the same range of greys and blacks as its dangerous predecessor. A crystalline form of carbon, commonly used in glass working tools because it does not burn or stick to glass. Grayish-black, flaky and greasy allotrope of carbon. Favored for use in pencils.
Unfired pottery or sculpture.
Grisaille Grog Ground
A monochrome painting and drawing technique executed in tones of gray.
Crushed or ground-up fired clay, purchased commercially or made by the potter; used to reduce shrinkage, yield texture, give fired clay more resistance to temperature change, help in even drying and firing, and help large pieces to stand up during construction.
1. A substance applied to a painting or drawing support in preparation for the pigmented material. 2. The preparatory substance used as a coating for a printmaking plate. 3. The background in a work of two-dimensional art.
Grout Gum Gumoil
Mortar or similar compounds used to consolidate objects by filling space between them.
A natural gum, such as gum Arabic or gum tragacanth, used as a binder in glaze to promote better adherence to clay.
Pioneered by Karl Koenig in 1990, this photo process creates the deep atmospheric values of nineteenth century photographs. A film or digital image is converted to an enlarged black/white positive transparency. The transparency is contact printed under powerful ultra violet radiation onto heavy water color paper which has been coated with a mixture of gum Arabic and sensitizer. It is developed in running water and, when dry, rubbed all over with oil paint (usually black) and wiped off. Next the image is etched in household bleach which opens the next tonal region making it open to a second oil pigment. The final polychromatic prints are then glazed for permanence. No two gumoil renditions from the same transparency are identical although a high degree of similarity can be achieved. Each print is custom made by the artist.
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